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AAC Corner: Behavioral Supports for Young Children

[Source:  PrAACtical AAC] One of the biggest stressors for therapists and educators who work with AAC is dealing with challenging behavior. In today’s post, we share a wonderful set of resources on positive approaches to preventing, minimizing, and de-escalating instances … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Sensory Modulation and Developmental Trauma

[Source Vital Links] Our inborn fight, flight, freeze responses are automatic responses that help us cope when faced with dangerous situations. When we feel threatened, these subcortical mechanisms are triggered automatically. When triggered, our bodies experience an increase in physiological … Continue reading

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Early Intervention Occupational Therapist – OT – Yonkers, NY

Call Today at 866-733-4278 or   Click HERE to Apply  We are searching for an Occupational Therapist to conduct evaluations, assessment and treatment of children in Westchester County, NY. This opportunity is best suited to the self-starting, independent thinker. It is … Continue reading

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OT Corner: 5 Facts About Metacognition – What IS It?

[Source:  The Pocket OT] Who are you? What do you tell yourself? What are your beliefs and thoughts as you move throughout your day? We all have that voice inside of us that helps us to work through difficulties we … Continue reading

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How do Babies Coordinate Gestures, Vocalization?

[Source:  Science Daily] Asier Romero-Andonegi, Aintzane Etxebarria-Lejarreta, Ainara Romero-Andonegi and Irati de Pablo-Delgado, lecturers and researchers at the UPV/EHU’s University College of Teacher Training in Bilbao, have studied how 9 to 13-month-old babies tackle the shift from early babbling to … Continue reading

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