OT Activity of the Week: Q-Tip Painting with Templates

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[Source:  Therapy Fun Zone]

I have posted about Q-tip painting before, but another therapist has a different twist on it.  She has made some templates to do the q-tip painting, which requires more precision in the painting.

This is a guest post by a therapist,  Tova Stulberger, who made some templates to use when Q-tip painting.

Kids dip Q-Tips into paint and press into a circle on paper- one dot per circle. This activity slows movements patterns because requires focus to dot inside of each circle. This activity is a great activity for working on distal control. You can also address appropriate grasp patterns and force modulation (the harder you press the more the paint will spread outside the circles). The kids loved having a choice between pictures and enjoyed making their very own castles!

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