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Worth Repeating: Measuring Students’ Self-Control: A ‘Marshmallow Test’ for the Digital Age

[Source:  Mind Shift] The “marshmallow test” invented by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel and colleagues in the 1960s is famously known as a measure of willpower. The experiment gave preschoolers the option of either eating one mini-marshmallow right away or waiting 15 minutes … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Word-Finding Strategies For Kids in Speech Therapy

by Sherry Artemenko, CCC-SLP I find that one of the areas lacking in practical therapy ideas for SLP’s is word-finding. I usually have at least one child on my caseload with word-finding difficulties so I am always looking for new … Continue reading

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School Psychology Corner: Helping Immigrant Children in Schools

Thank you to the National Association of School Psychologists for recommending this article: [Source:  WAMU.org] Since the beginning of the year, nearly 40,000 Central American minors detained after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border have been reunited with their parents or … Continue reading

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School Psychology Corner: Addressing the Issue of Speech Anxiety with Selectively Mute Children

An Excerpt from the Selective Mutism Resource Manual By: Maggie Johnson & Alison Wintgens Let the child know you understand their difficulty and the feelings they experience when they try to speak. You know they want to and have tried to speak, … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: Six Ways You’re (Unintentionally) Telling Kids NOT to Listen

[Source:  Not Just Cute] Learning to be a good listener is a critical skill.  Kids need to learn to be active listeners (here’s how I teach it in the classroom) and adults need to remember to be good listeners too.  But … Continue reading

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