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SLP Corner: 2 Important Questions New Speech Therapy Students Should Be Asked

by Erik Raj, CCC-SLP As a school-based speech-language pathologist, I’m constantly attempting to evaluate and re-evaluate how I’m doing as a clinician. Are my current therapy strategies helping my students meet their goals in a timely manner? Am I collaborating … Continue reading

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SLI Corner: Sign Language Helping Hearing Kids Communicate Better

[Source:  My Fox Orlando] Even though they hear just fine, children at a local pre-school are learning sign language. For the past four years sign language has been part of the curriculum at Rolling Hills Moravian Mothers Morning Out, which is open to children … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Does Crawling Matter?

[Source:  Mama OT] In Part 1, I discussed how crawling develops. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I strongly suggest you go back and take a look at it by clicking here before continuing with this post. (You’ll get to … Continue reading

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PT Corner: Core Stability for Babies

[Source:  HeartSpace PT]   Video #1:  Core Stability in Babies Video #2: Core Stability in Babies with Motor or Sensory Challenges Video #3:  Core Stability and Emotional Regulation Please enjoy a series of three excellent videos by Shelley Mannell on … Continue reading

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Autism Corner: This Is The Hardest Part About Traveling with Autism

[Source: Autism Speaks] Carrie Cariello, author and mother of five recently wrote a blog about her boy Jack who’s on the autism spectrum. You can find the original post via her website here. You can learn more about our Autism … Continue reading

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