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Most With Autism Steer Clear Of Driving

[Source:  Disability Scoop] Though the majority of young people with high-functioning autism choose not to get behind the wheel, new research suggests that a substantial number seek the independence that driving offers. In the first large study to look at … Continue reading

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Farm Eases Haircut Anxiety For Kids On The Spectrum

[Source: The Fresno Bee via Disability Scoop] Five-year-old Saya Luna-Triplett used to be terrified to get her hair cut. The drone of voices, buzz of clippers and shearing of scissors in the confined space of a beauty salon were overwhelming … Continue reading

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Folic Acid May Mitigate Autism Risk From Pesticides

[Source: Medical News Today] Researchers at UC Davis and other institutions have shown that mothers who take recommended amounts of folic acid around conception might reduce their children’s pesticide-related autism risk. In the study, children whose mothers took 800 or more micrograms of folic … Continue reading

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After the Storm: A Guide to Help Children with Psychological Effects of a Hurricane

[Source:  7-dippity.com via UCF Card Center for Autism and Related Disabilities] Dear Parent or Caring Adult, Although a hurricane may last only hours, its effects can last for months or even years. In the aftermath of a hurricane, many parents … Continue reading

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Moving Stories of Families with Autism Rescued from Hurricane Harvey

[Source: Autism Speaks] Media reports continue to come in of individuals with autism and their families being rescued from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey. As professional and volunteer rescue workers from around the country rally to Houston’s aid, heartwarming stories … Continue reading

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