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Risk of Autism Linked to Maternal Grandmother Smoking in Pregnancy

[Source:  Medical News Today] Autism, characterized by repetitive behaviors and difficulty interacting socially, appears to be on the rise. Much of this increase is thought to be due to better detection rates and greater awareness. However, many scientists believe that … Continue reading

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Free 15 Episode Autism Seminar Produced by Yale on iTunes

[Source: The Yale Seminar on Autism] The Yale Seminar on Autism and Related Disorders is the United States’ first undergraduate course of its kind. The goal of this series is to make all of the lecture content and supporting materials … Continue reading

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Parents Turn To Cannabis To Treat ASD, Even As Doctors Urge Caution

[Source:  Disability Scoop] Less than a year ago, Erica Daniels, a Horsham, Pa. mother of two, did what once upon a time she would have considered unthinkable. She gave her son Leo, who has autism and is now 12, a … Continue reading

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Speech and Language Deficits in Children with Autism may Not Cause Tantrums

[Source: Science Daily] Children with autism experience more tantrums than children without, according to the researchers, and speech therapists, preschool teachers, parents and others often blame these frequent outbursts on speech and language problems. Some children with autism spectrum disorder … Continue reading

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Autism Corner: Teaching Social Skills to Learners on the Autism Spectrum

[Source:  Best Practice Autism] Impairment in social communication and interaction is a core feature of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Social skills deficits include difficulties with initiating interactions, maintaining reciprocity, taking another person’s perspective, and inferring the interests of others.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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