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Head Start May Offer Next-Generation Benefits, Researchers Say

[Source:  Education Week] A new study now awaiting publication says the benefits of Head Start extend well beyond the children enrolled in the federal early-childhood program. The researchers say they have found a connection between students’ participation in Head Start and positive … Continue reading

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Focus on EI: Examples of the Use of Gestures and Problem Solving in Early Intervention

Editor’s Note:  Occasionally we will re-run our favorite articles.  This one was originally published on this blog in 2013.   [Source: Carrie’s Speech Corner] by Carrie Manchester – MS, CCC-SLP Picture if you will, a small child sitting in a … Continue reading

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EI Corner: High Quality EI for Autism Quickly Results in Cost Savings

[Source:  Science Daily] One in every 68 children in the United States has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a neuro-developmental disorder that results in difficulty socializing and communicating needs and desires, and often is accompanied by restricted interests or activities. Research … Continue reading

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EI Corner: The Lifecycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program

[Source:  Heckman Equation.org] This paper estimates the large array of long-run benefits of an influential early childhood program targeted to disadvantaged children and their families. It is evaluated by random assignment and follows participants through their mid-30s. The program is … Continue reading

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Crooked Bite May Indicate Early Life Stress

[Source: Psych Central] Research has long established that the first 1,000 days after conception (about 280 days until birth and then up to 24 months of age) significantly influence a person’s overall life expectancy and risk for chronic diseases. In … Continue reading

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