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PT Corner: Wheelbarrow Walking

[Source:  Starfish Therapies] Do any of you remember doing wheelbarrow races as a child? I do! I remember thinking it was hysterical that someone was holding my feet and I was racing someone else on my hands. Well, as much … Continue reading

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PT Corner: Gross Motor Groups

[Source:  Starfish Therapies] We are lucky enough to be able to offer developmental play groups that are broken up based on skill. We have chosen to divide them as pre-crawlers, pre-walkers/new walkers, and toddlers. This gives parents a chance to … Continue reading

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A Letter Hunt on The Stairs

[Source:  Hands on as we Grow] Earlier this year, I realized that Louis just wasn’t grasping his letters. I had a moment of panic and wondered Why? He’s 4 and his brothers grasped them much earlier. So I started doing … Continue reading

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PT Corner: Hand and Foot Play

[Source: Starfish Therapies] Hand and foot play is an important part of a child’s development.  So is bringing the feet to their mouth (unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of that!).  So what are some of the reasons it … Continue reading

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More Risks on Playground Linked to Happier Children

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Children from schools with greater risk and challenge in the playground environment report being happier at school and playing with more children, according to a study published online April 24 in Pediatrics. Victoria L. Farmer, Ph.D., from … Continue reading

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