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Math Difficulties May Reflect Problems in a Crucial Learning System in the Brain

[Source:  Science Daily] Children differ substantially in their mathematical abilities. In fact, some children cannot routinely add or subtract, even after extensive schooling. Yet the causes of these problems are not fully understood. Now, two researchers, at Georgetown University Medical … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Attention SLPs: It’s OK to Not Know the Answer Sometimes

by Eric X. Raj Let me walk you through a scenario that I think a lot of us speech-language pathologists have been in before. You’re having a meeting about a student with a parent or another educator and someone asks … Continue reading

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Scientists ID Concussion Treatment for Persistant Childhood Cases

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Concussions can create a host of symptoms—headache, dizziness, moodiness, upset stomach and other issues. In most cases, those symptoms eventually dissipate, but about 15% of young people who get concussions struggle with persistent symptoms despite seeing doctors … Continue reading

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Link Discovered Between Touch and Level of Social Difficulty in Autism

[Source: Medical News Today] The sense of touch may play a more crucial role in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than previously assumed. The main findings of the doctoral research of Eliane Deschrijver, which are now published, show that individuals with … Continue reading

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‘Speechless’ Looks To Get People Talking

[Source:  Disability Scoop] When it comes to writing, people love to advise “write what you know.” But Scott Silveri, creator and showrunner of ABC’s new family comedy “Speechless,” would be the first to tell you that crafting a narrative out … Continue reading

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