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Sandy Hook Victim Inspires Emotional Learning Legislation

[Source: Education News.org] Three words were written on the kitchen chalkboard by 6-year-old Jesse Lewis just a few days before he died in the Sandy Hook tragedy. Those three words, nurturing, healing, and love, have become the inspiration for a foundation … Continue reading

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Gifted Corner: U.S. Schools are Still Shortchanging Gifted Kids, Experts Say

[Source:  Science Daily] The report A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America’s Brightest Students changed the conversation about academic acceleration in this country’s schools when it was published 10 years ago. Although access to programs and support for gifted students has … Continue reading

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Large-Scale Study To Look For Causes Of ASD

[Source:   Disability Scoop] Kaiser Permanente is about to begin what is believed to be the largest genetic research project ever conducted by a health organization into the causes of autism, gathering biological and other health information from 5,000 Northern … Continue reading

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Stronger Muscles Make for Healthier Bone Development

[Source:  Science Daily] Scientists at the University of Southampton have shown that higher muscle mass is strongly linked with healthier bone development in children.Researchers also found no relationship between fat mass and bone development, indicating it is not an important … Continue reading

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Autism’s Early Neuronal ‘Neighborhood’

[Source:  Medical News Today] In early childhood, the neurons inside children’s developing brains form connections between various regions of brain “real estate.” As described in a paper published recently in the journal Biological Psychiatry, cognitive neuroscientists at San Diego State University found … Continue reading

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