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Physical Symmetry Linked to Faster Reactions, Study Shows

[Source:  Medical News Today] Children with more symmetrical hands have speedier mental responses than others, according to a study. Children with balanced physical proportion on their left and right hands were able to react more quickly in mental tests. This … Continue reading

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Mood, Anxiety Disorders in Tourette patients, Emerge at a Young Age

[Source: Science Daily] A new study of Tourette syndrome (TS) led by researchers from UC San Francisco and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has found that nearly 86 percent of patients who seek treatment for TS will be diagnosed with a … Continue reading

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Bilingual Babies Practice Lip-Reading Long Before Monolingual Counterparts

[Source: PRI.org] Babies raised in bilingual households spend significantly more time watching the mouth of the person speaking to them than their monolingual counterparts, according to a new study. David Lewkowicz, a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and … Continue reading

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New Genetic Syndrome Found

[Source:  Science Daily] Analyzing a puzzling multi-system disorder in three children, genetic experts have identified a new syndrome, shedding light on key biological processes during human development. The research also provides important information to help caregivers manage the disorder, and … Continue reading

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Two New Studies Shed Light on Stuttering Treatment and Possible Link to Neurological Deficit

[Source:  Medical Xpress] Stuttering—a speech disorder in which sounds, syllables or words are repeated or prolonged—affects more than 70 million people worldwide. That’s 1 percent of the global population. Four times as many men as women are afflicted with the … Continue reading

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