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The Brains of Children with ADHD Do Not Recognize Angry Expression

[Source:  Medical News Today] Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior in children with ADHD can result in social problems and they tend to be excluded from peer activities. They have been found to have impaired recognition of emotional expression from other faces. The … Continue reading

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Love Cariboo? Sign a Petition Asking Hasbro to Produce it Again

by Kelly Hungaski It is difficult to find speech and language games which allow Speech Language Pathologists to target multiple repetitions within a single activity which also are very simple to play.  Cariboo is a popular game for children with … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome Study Sheds Light on Alzheimer’s

[Source:  Psych Central] New research suggests the quest to understand the mechanism by which Alzheimer’s disease impacts memory and cognition may be more complicated than previously understood. University of Wisconsin researchers, including lead study author Sigan Hartley, Ph.D., and Brad Christian, … Continue reading

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Babies Learn Words Differently As They Age, Researcher Finds

[Source: Science Daily] Research has shown that most 18-month-olds learn an average of two to five new words a day; however, little is known about how children process information to learn new words as they move through the preschool years. … Continue reading

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Exercise Before School may Reduce ADHD Symptoms in Kids

[Source: Science Daily] Paying attention all day in school as a kid isn’t easy, especially for those who are at a higher risk of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A new study from Michigan State University and University of … Continue reading

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