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Helicopter Parenting Can Hinder Child Development

[Source: Psych Daily] New research suggests overparenting, known as helicopter parenting, may hinder a child’s development. Investigators found this can occur when parents become too obsessed with homework, particularly in middle school and high school. Investigators from Queensland University of … Continue reading

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Meltdown Leads To Felony Charge For Teen On The Spectrum

[Source:  Disability Scoop] Steve and Susan Gordo have known the struggles of raising a child with autism, the progress and setbacks, and the haggling with local schools over education plans. Now, their 18-year-old son Paul is awaiting trial on a … Continue reading

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ADHD Drugs May Actually Reduce Suicide Risk

[Source:  Psych Central] Although recent attention has focused on intentional or unintentional overdoses of ADHD medications, new research suggests the benefits of the drugs, including suicide reductions, are often overlooked. Black-box warnings about the dangers of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) … Continue reading

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Obesity, Diabetes in Mom Increases Risk of Autism in Child

[Source:  Science Daily] Children born to obese women with diabetes are more than four times as likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder than children of healthy weight mothers without diabetes, new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health … Continue reading

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Youths with Gender Dysphoria Have Higher Rates of Aspergers Syndrome

[Source: Medical News Today] A new study provides clinical data to support growing evidence that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is more prevalent in children and adolescents with gender dysphoria than in the general population. Among youths seen at a pediatric … Continue reading

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