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Exercise Before School may Reduce ADHD Symptoms in Kids

[Source: Science Daily] Paying attention all day in school as a kid isn’t easy, especially for those who are at a higher risk of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A new study from Michigan State University and University of … Continue reading

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Word ‘Edges’ are Important for Language Acquisition

[Source: Science Daily] Word “edges” are important for language acquisition. Children start to learn the sound of words by remembering the first and last syllables. A SISSA study, published in Child Development, sheds light on the information the infant brain uses during … Continue reading

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New Frontiers for Cerebral Palsy Treatment Identified

[Source:  Science Daily] Of  cerebral palsy, caregivers and patients know this is an understatement: it’s not easy. The permanently debilitating condition, which occurs in babies from the prenatal stage to toddlers, comes with more than its fair share of lifelong … Continue reading

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PediaStaff Hits 75,000 followers on Pinterest

Wow.  We are so very humbled to report that with your help, PediaStaff has reached 75,000 followers on Pinterest in just under two years. Please check out our boards there to see literally thousands of therapy ideas, articles, and links … Continue reading

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Effects of Weighted Blankets on Sleep Problems in Children with Autism

[Source: Pediatrics via Your Therapy Source] Pediatrics published research on a randomized phase III trial determining the effectiveness of a weighted-blanket intervention in treating severe sleep problems in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Sixty seven children were randomized into a … Continue reading

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