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Scientists Discover Brain’s Anti-Distraction System

[Source:  Science Daily] Two Simon Fraser University psychologists have made a brain-related discovery that could revolutionize doctors’ perception and treatment of attention-deficit disorders. This discovery opens up the possibility that environmental and/or genetic factors may hinder or suppress a specific … Continue reading

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Brain Appears Hardwired for Some Aspects of Language

[Source:  Psych Central] A new study discovers that human brains share common linguistic restrictions on the sound pattern of language. The understanding that language is hard-wired helps to explain why language is so constrained. For example, people blog, they don’t … Continue reading

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‘I Spy’ Used to Show Spoken Language Helps Direct Children’s Eyes

[Source:  Science Daily] Children spot objects more quickly when prompted by words than if they are only prompted by images, cognitive scientists have demonstrated.  Spoken language taps into children’s cognitive system, enhancing their ability to learn and to navigate cluttered … Continue reading

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Modeling the Cellular Basis of Memory

[Source:  Psych Central] Researchers at the Salk Institute have created a new model of memory that explains the cellular mechanisms responsible for retaining select memories a few hours after an event. This new paradigm enables a more complete picture of … Continue reading

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Biomarkers Enable Screening for Autism at 9 Months

[Source:  Psych Central] New research suggests measurement of two biomarkers can help physicians and diagnosticians identify autism spectrum disorders (ASD) early in the developmental process. Detection of ASD is often a waiting game as a child is evaluated according to their accomplishments … Continue reading

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