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Therapy Clinicians Needed for Survey: Your Use of Clinical Reasoning and Evidence Based Practice

Editor’s Note:  A therapist applicant, of ours, Angela Benfield, has asked us for help to find SLP, OT, PTs who would be interested in participating in a survey being conducted for her dissertation.   The survey will ask you to answer … Continue reading

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Code Switching in the News: Teaching Students How to Switch between Black English and Standard English

Editor’s Note:   Thank you to Heidi Southard of the SLPeeps Facebook Group for sharing this article [Source:  Michigan Radio.org] Last week we did a story about whether people judge others based on how they speak. (Spoiler alert: Yep, they do.) … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: How Playing Music Changes the Learning Brain

[Source:  Mind Shift] by George Hicks, WBUR CommonHealth Blog Remember “Mozart Makes You Smarter”? A 1993 study of college students showed them performing better on spatial reasoning tests after listening to a Mozart sonata. That led to claims that listening to Mozart … Continue reading

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Blend Nature into School Playgrounds to Reduce Stress, Improve Attention

[Source: Psych Central] School playgrounds that feature natural habitats and trees do more than just provide a unique outdoor adventure as researchers discover the environment can reduce children’s stress and inattention. University of Colorado Boulder researchers also found that working … Continue reading

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48 Free “Would You Rather Cards” for Pragmatic Language

Thank You to Smart Apps for Special Needs for recommending these great, free “Would You Rather” conversation starter cards on the Measured Mom blog.    These cards are perfect for carryover pragmatic language work , reasoning, and conversation practice and … Continue reading

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