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OT Corner: School OT and Transition – 6 Steps for Expanding Options for Students

[Source:  Go To For OT] Today we are honored to share a guest post by Michele Morgan, a School Occupational Therapist from Michigan. Michele has been able to expand her school practice into unique areas of machining and urban farming, … Continue reading

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The Surprising Science of Fidgeting

[Source: Medical X-Press] Hand-held toys known as “fidget spinners” – marketed as “stress relievers” – have become so popular and distracting in classrooms that they are now being banned in many schools. And it’s not just kids who like to … Continue reading

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Fidget Spinner Workout!

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Right now, fidget spinners are everywhere.  Whether they are banned from your school or not, here is a fun way to add in some overall exercise while your spinner spins! You can download your FREE fidget … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Supporting Sensory Needs in Children & Teens with ASD

Editor’s Note:  Thank You to our friend Lindsey Biel for sharing her free webinar with us! [Source:  Autism Resource Institute] Sensory issues are a complex and often overlooked issue for individuals on the autism spectrum. Hear occupational therapist Lindsey Biel … Continue reading

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Slide Bag Quiz – Fine Motor and Bimanual Skills

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] If you need to sneak in some bimanual and fine motor skills practice with academic material, the Slide Bag Quiz is perfect!  I was reading a blog post by Dr. Jean (excellent blog) on individual response … Continue reading

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