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Cognitive Skills Differ Across Cultures and Generations

[Source:  Science Daily] An innovative study of children and parents in both Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, led by University of Cambridge researchers Michelle R. Ellefson and Claire Hughes, reveals cultural differences in important cognitive skills among adolescent participants … Continue reading

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Natural Remedy for Youth Sleeping Problems

[Source:  Psych Central]\ New research indicates high rates of sleep problems among youth continuing through teenage years and into early adulthood. The study also suggests that although the sleeping issues come from a variety of issues, many can be controlled with early … Continue reading

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A Jar Full of Feelings: Sensory Regulation Activity

[Source:  Mosswood Connections] Explaining feelings and emotions to young children can be complicated; especially so for children on the Autism Spectrum. I had been making progress with one of my young students by drawing comic strips and meters but one … Continue reading

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Two Activities to Teach Basics of Emotional Regulation to Kids

[Source: Bounceback Parenting] Teach these two activities to kids and give them essential tools for self regulation and emotional control. This post contains affiliate links – if you purchase through them you are able to support the work of Bounceback Parenting … Continue reading

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Second Case of ‘Down Syndrome’ in Chimps

[Source: Science Daily] Japanese researchers have confirmed the second case known to science of a chimpanzee born with trisomy 22, a chromosomal defect similar to that of Down syndrome (or trisomy 21) in humans. The report on Kanako, a 24-year-old … Continue reading

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