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School Psych Corner: Students Write a Guide to Teen Psychology

[Source: Edutopia] It’s always awe-inspiring when students take hold of a project and are given the power to lead it. They set goals, delegate, lead discussions, and critique each other’s work as if that were a normal process. I’ve just … Continue reading

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Therapist & Family Resource of the Week: Brain Injury Hub

Here is a great resource I was introduced to through Twitter.  Unfortunately, I was not good enough to remember who tweeted it.  My apologies! The Children’s Trust is a national charity working with children who have multiple disabilities and complex … Continue reading

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Pet Dogs Help Kids Feel Less Stressed

[Source: Science Daily] Darlene Kertes and colleagues tested the commonly held belief that pet dogs provide social support for kids using a randomized controlled study — the gold standard in research. “Many people think pet dogs are great for kids … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: Teacher’s Guide to Anxiety in the Classroom

[Source:  Child Mind Institute] Sometimes anxiety is easy to identify — when a child is too nervous to read aloud or make a presentation in class. Other times anxiety in the classroom can look like something else entirely — an … Continue reading

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Largest-Ever Brain Imaging Study Leads Scientists to Conclude ADHD a Neurological not a Behavioral Disorder

[Source:  Huffington Post] The largest-ever brain imaging study on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has led scientists to say the condition should be considered a neurological disorder, not just a behavioral one. The brain structures of children with ADHD differ in small … Continue reading

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