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School Psych Corner: White Matter Maturation Associated with Emergence of Theory of Mind

[Source:  The Journal Nature] by Charlotte Grosse Wiesmann, Jan Schreiber, Tania Singer, Nikolaus Steinbeis, and Angela D. Friederici Humans have the ability to represent what other people think and believe. This implies that we are able to understand that beliefs … Continue reading

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Project Aims to Help School Nurses Tackle Suicide Rates

[Source:  University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center] The stats are the stuff of parents’ nightmares: suicide is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. for youths 12-18 – and New Mexico’s rates are 50 percent higher than … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: Girls and Their Frenemies

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to our friends at School Psyched of Facebook for featuring this article. [Source SMC Education Blog] In schools we talk constantly about protecting girls from harm. We teach them about paedophiles, on-line grooming, sexting, and the harm … Continue reading

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Education Corner: Why Don’t Teachers Get Training On Mental Health Disorders?

[Source:  MindShift] Teaching may be one of the most difficult jobs in the world, with expectations and demands coming from all sides. Teachers juggle content standards, the social and emotional needs of students, behavior, and often trauma, but they also are … Continue reading

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Advocacy Corner: Procedural Safeguards Under IDEA

[Source:  Special Education Law Blog] What mechanisms does the special education law have for parents who disagree with decisions by a school district about the education of a child with a disability? Are there procedural safeguards that protect a school … Continue reading

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