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Body Awareness Develops Throughout Childhood

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] The Journal of Experimental Child Psychology published research on the development of multisensory body representation and awareness in older children (10-13 years old) using the “the rubber hand illusion”.   Previous research indicated that younger children … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: The Low Arousal Sensory System

[Source: Specialism.com] Thomas was five years old when he first came to occupational therapy. His parents described him as being a ‘good child’. He had never gotten into any trouble. Thomas had never gotten out of his bed by himself. … Continue reading

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Sensory Activity of the Week: Corn Play Dough Exploration

[Source: Pre-K Pages.com] Play dough is always popular with my children. They love molding their play dough into all sorts of things. They also enjoy using extra props and materials in their creations. For this activity we used popcorn kernels, … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Find the Right Halloween Costume for a Child with Tactile Sensitivities

[Source:  North Shore Pediatric Therapy] Halloween can be a parent’s worst nightmare when attempting to find the right costume for a child with tactile overresponsivity (which occurs when the nervous system experiences touch sensations at a higher, more intense rate … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Biters, Chewers, Suckers and Pickers

Editor’s Note:  Special Thanks to our friends at Sensory Spectrum for reminding us of this great article by Lindsey Biel  Dear Sensory Smarts, My lovely 8-year-old daughter likes to bite and suck on the strangest things–pencils, toys, dress hems, books … Continue reading

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