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Sensory Corner: Tips for Going Places With Sensory-Challenged Kids

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to Lindsey Biel of (www.sensorysmarts.com  and www. sensoryprocessingchallenes.com) for recommending this article.  It is an excellent one to give to the parents/guardians of your clients with sensory issues. [Source:  Child Mind.org] By Rae Jacobson One of the challenges of … Continue reading

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Special Parent’s Corner: Your Role In Your Child’s Sensory Development

by Jackie Linder Olson Do you think you don’t have a role in your child’s sensory development?  That they just are who they are and that’s that?  You have more influence than you think.  100 percent guaranteed. Back in the … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Staying Comfortable in the Summer During Often Overstimulating Activities

[Source:  The Child Mind Institute] By Rae Jacobson For many kids, summer vacation holds the promise of months of school-free fun. But for children with sensory processing issues, summer can be a challenging time. From the sand on the beach … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Outdoor Montessori Activities for Sensorial

[Source: Carrots Are Orange]   Maria Montessori believed that educating the senses preceded intellectual development. A child’s education of the senses begins at birth. He takes impressions of his world through his senses. Around 2.5 years old he enters a … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Recognizing Tactile Defensiveness in Children

Thanks to The Sensory Spectrum for recommending this Article [Source:  ALLterNATIVE Learning] This is a touchy subject. While it’s literally about touch, it’s also an open letter with my heart in my hands to try explain my childhood to all those … Continue reading

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