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Special Parent’s Corner: Your Role In Your Child’s Sensory Development

by Jackie Linder Olson Do you think you don’t have a role in your child’s sensory development?  That they just are who they are and that’s that?  You have more influence than you think.  100 percent guaranteed. Back in the … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Staying Comfortable in the Summer During Often Overstimulating Activities

[Source:  The Child Mind Institute] By Rae Jacobson For many kids, summer vacation holds the promise of months of school-free fun. But for children with sensory processing issues, summer can be a challenging time. From the sand on the beach … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Outdoor Montessori Activities for Sensorial

[Source: Carrots Are Orange]   Maria Montessori believed that educating the senses preceded intellectual development. A child’s education of the senses begins at birth. He takes impressions of his world through his senses. Around 2.5 years old he enters a … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Recognizing Tactile Defensiveness in Children

Thanks to The Sensory Spectrum for recommending this Article [Source:  ALLterNATIVE Learning] This is a touchy subject. While it’s literally about touch, it’s also an open letter with my heart in my hands to try explain my childhood to all those … Continue reading

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Pediatric OT Corner: Managing Olfactory Sensitivity

[Source:  Therapy Fun Zone] I have worked with some kids who are very sensitive to certain smells, and they have trouble being in places where there are certain scents. Optimally, we want these kids to get de-sensitized so that they … Continue reading

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