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Sensory Idea of the Week: Simple Sensory Calm Down Jar

[Source:  Sugar Aunts] There are so many ways to make sensory bottles.  Today I wanted to share a super simple sensory bottle idea that is perfect for those calm-down moments we all crave.  You know the times we all have … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: Sensory Issues and Teens – Movement

[Source: The Inspired Treehouse] Does your teen constantly crave movement and appear to be “on the go?” Or maybe he appears clumsy and is always getting hurt? Does she avoid movement activities such as riding bikes, skateboards or rides at … Continue reading

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DIY Sensory Blocks

[Source:  Red Ted Art] I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing crafts from my readers / viewers.  Here are some brilliant DIY Sensory Blocks that a reader shared with me via Facebook.    She made this for her 2-year old granddaughter. Learn … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist

[Source:  The Sensory Spectrum] February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. An award-winning children’s book, “Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist” can help take the “bite” out of going to the dentist (for the child, his parents and, even, the dentist.) … Continue reading

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Body Awareness Develops Throughout Childhood

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] The Journal of Experimental Child Psychology published research on the development of multisensory body representation and awareness in older children (10-13 years old) using the “the rubber hand illusion”.   Previous research indicated that younger children … Continue reading

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