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Effects of Weighted Blanked on Sleep Problems in Children with Autism

[Source: Pediatrics via Your Therapy Source] Pediatrics published research on a randomized phase III trial determining the effectiveness of a weighted-blanket intervention in treating severe sleep problems in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Sixty seven children were randomized into a … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: Melting Down the Autistic Meltdown: Sometimes Tantrums aren’t Tantrums

Thank you to The Sensory Spectrum for sharing this article with us [Source: emaxhealth.com] The one thing that I hear from parents of autistic children the most is how frustrating their child’s meltdowns are and how humiliating it is that … Continue reading

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Why do Some Children with Autism React Strongly to Noise?

[Source:  CBS News] CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook and CBS News contributor Dr. Holly Phillips joined “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the major medical stories of the week. A new study is shedding light on one … Continue reading

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Sensory Activities of the Week: Sensational Straws

[Source: Specialism] Random national observances can provide great inspiration for sensory diet fun. Take National Drinking Straw Day, for instance.  This little-known observance was celebrated on January 3 in honor of the invention and patenting of the paper drinking straw … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: Sensory Ideas for After the Holidays

Editor’s Note: Great article to send home during or after school break! [Source: Special-ism.com] Whatever holidays you celebrate at this time of year are probably over now. It is likely that the quantity of toys and/or stuff in your home has increased. … Continue reading

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