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Pediatric OT Corner: Managing Olfactory Sensitivity

[Source:  Therapy Fun Zone] I have worked with some kids who are very sensitive to certain smells, and they have trouble being in places where there are certain scents. Optimally, we want these kids to get de-sensitized so that they … Continue reading

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Sensory Corner: My Perspective on Sensory Integration

[Source:  Fab Strategies] I frequently use Sensory Integration/Sensory Processing Intervention in my work as an occupational therapist with clients who have severe behavioral, sensory processing and developmental challenges. I get criticism both by professionals who question the validity of sensory … Continue reading

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OT Corner: 30 Christmas Sensory Stocking Stuffers / Hanukkah Gifts for Special Needs Kids

[Source:  The Sensory Spectrum] In my parent Facebook Group,  Voices of SPD, several parents were asking for recommendations for Christmas stocking stuffers. The problem is, there are hundreds of great sensory stocking stuffers out there! But I know how tough it can be to whittle down … Continue reading

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OT/PT Corner: 17 Tips For Finding the Right Shoes for a Child with Special Needs

[Source:  Friendship Circle] The wrong pair of shoes can create a day of misery for anyone. When special needs are added to the mix, the right pair of shoes can become elusive. Increased foot discomfort is associated with Sensory Processing … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Special Needs School Survival Guide

Book by Cara Koscinski, MOT, OTR/L Review by Lindsey Biel, M.A. OTR/L Every so often a book comes along that you know you have to recommend to the families  and caregivers of the kids you work with. This wonderful, self-published book … Continue reading

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