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Montessori Inspired Frog Activities

Editor’s Note:  This post was written for Leap Year activities, but any time is good for froggies, right?? [Source:  Living Montessori Now] It’s Leap Year – and that’s a great excuse for a February 29 celebration and some frog activities! … Continue reading

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Therapy Resource of the Week – JigZone Online Jigsaw Puzzle Site

Thank You to Barbara Smith of the Recycling Occupational Therapist  for her lead to this great web tool for clients! Jigzone is an online jigsaw puzzle site where you can create and complete your own jigsaw puzzles online. Puzzles can … Continue reading

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OT Activity of the Week: Fine Motor Bean Matching Boards

Print out the matching bean boards and read the directions to create this fine motor, visual perceptual and graded muscle control challenge.  Modifications included to add in physical activity to the task.  You can read about it and download the … Continue reading

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20 Fantastic Jellyfish Activities

[Article and Image Source: Kids Activities Blog] Many of you have taken a vacation to the beach this summer, so how about a round up of 20 fantastic jellyfish activities!  When we go to the aquarium we try to plan some … Continue reading

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Olympic Ring Cap Sorting

[Article and Image Source: I Can Teach My Child] I have a problem with hoarding plastic caps, mainly those from milk jugs or squeezable yogurt or fruit.  As you can see from this activity, I have a TON of caps in a … Continue reading

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