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School Nurse’s Corner: School Nurses Are My Superheroes!

[Source: NASN] We asked a bunch of real people, from kids to parents to school nurses themselves: “What do school nurses do?” The answers might surprise you! The folks at Found Sound Puppets bring these answers to life by transforming … Continue reading

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SLP Video Corner: Dealing with Avoidance and Escape During Therapy Sessions

[Source:  Teach Me to Talk] Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP of teachmetotalk.com as she discusses late talkers! In this podcast, we’ll discusses a common problem therapists face… little friends who try to run away when you’re supposed … Continue reading

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Why We Do What We Do: NC Teacher Has Personalized Handshake for Every Student

Editor’s Note:   Love this idea!    Seems to me that this or a similar idea could be adapted for ANY sort of classroom or even one on one therapy session!   What other personalized greeting or interactive “thing” could … Continue reading

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AT Corner: How to Adapt Cariboo for AT Switches

[Source: AT Makers] Watch this Video by AT Makers on YouTube  How to use a projector & switch interface to switch-adapt a Cariboo game. For more, visit this project at:  http://openat.org/?p=8 To run the Cariboo interface, click here (we’ll write … Continue reading

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PTC: Successful Community Living for People with Developmental Disabilities

[Source:  Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism] Clarissa Kripke, MD, FAAFP odpc.ucsf.edu In this important talk for anyone concerned about their, or their child’s, long-term living arrangements and supports, Dr. Clarissa Kripke explores progress made in community living for people with … Continue reading

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