App Review: Funny Directions

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Review by Jenn Alcornspeecharoo

Wooowwweeeee it’s been a long time since I did an app review!  But I am super excited to share this one with you guys today.  As SLPs, we work on following directions all the time, whether it’s to target listening comprehension, reading comprehension, concepts, or some other language skill.  It’s a life skill and it’s important!  Speecharoo made this app to target just THAT.

The app is set up to target 1, 2, and 3 step directions in four different scenes:  beach, park, bedroom, and classroom.  In the settings, you can choose to toggle on/off the voice commands or the text.  It’s super helpful to have the option, so you can really target what your student needs…listening or reading.

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