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Review Reprinted with the express permission of TherapyApp411 as it appeared on their blog

Editor’s Note: This post is cross-posted from OT Beth Lloyd’s wonderful blog Thriving at School.  Please go on over to her blog and subscribe, and see the amazing series she recently created on apps for differing sensory profiles.

I discovered this app from YourTherapySource and I was never so happy.  I have tried a number of letter formation apps and found some good ones, but none of them matched our handwriting curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears.  I have been waiting for them to come out with their own app and am still waiting.  LetterSchool fits the bill, however.  It gives your a choice of fonts: D’Nealian, HWT and Zaner Bloser.  How is that for choices?  That in itself makes me happy, but there is more.  This is a great app for sensory seekers.  It comes with high quality sounds, graphics and animations.  The design is motivating and engaging.

It provides three steps to learn each letter.

  1. Tap
  2. Trace
  3. Write

First, you touch the starting points of each stroke in the correct sequence.  It doesn’t let you start at the wrong place, so kids don’t develop bad habits.  Next, it gives you tracing practice.  Your finger does not leave a simple line, though.  It may be a row of dirt, a stream of suds or a railroad track.  After successfully forming the letter, flowers pop out of the dirt, soap bubbles rise out of the suds and a train chugs down the tracks.  Finally, you form the letter on your own.  If you are unsuccessful after several tries, it provides arrows to follow.

Definitely a sensory delight!  Uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers are included and there are two levels of play.  Check out the lite version to try it out, but I am sure you will go for the full version once you are hooked ($2.99). (Editor’s Note: Android version here.)

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2 Responses to App Review – Letter School

  1. Cheri says:

    When is it coming out in Android based market?

  2. Heidi says:

    Thanks Cheri for your inquiry. We are only reprinting this review. You would have to contact the developer for that information.