App Review of the Week: Conversation TherAppy App for Expressive Language Skills

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by Ryan Knoblauch

therappyI’ve sifted through hundreds of apps since iPads have come out.  Sometimes it’s my son figuring out his way through the labyrinth of the the App Store or me procrastinating something that I’m supposed to be doing by surfing through an app finder.  Then, every once in awhile, I get lucky and come across something that is pretty cool.  Tactus Therapy Solutions has created one of the most thorough therapy apps yet–Conversation Therappy

One of my biggest focuses as a therapist and educator is to keep activities age appropriate and current.  Whether you work with young people or elderly, it’s important to keep it real and genuine.  Tactus Therapy has completely done their homework in creating this app.

Here’s the rundown:

  • You can pick from 1 to 12 categories with topics covering just about all bases (Activities, Arts & Culture, Environment, Family, Food, Health, Money & Politics, Safety & Problems, Sexuality, Social Problems, Society, and Violence) *Note: Some material is for mature audiences only

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