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Easter Fine Motor Activities

[Source: Pre-K Pages] This Easter-themed cutting skills tray will provide your kids with plenty of fine motor practice. These activities will help your kids build fine motor skills in fun and playful ways, so they won’t even know they’re learning. Try … Continue reading

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21 Wonderful Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

[Source: Childhood 101] The highlight of Easter for my girls has to be the Easter egg hunt, after all what isn’t there to love about running around the garden to find delicious chocolate treasure! In fact, my ten year old already … Continue reading

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Young Children use Physics, not Previous Rewards, to Learn About Tools

[Source;  Science Daily] Children as young as seven apply basic laws of physics to problem-solving, rather than learning from what has previously been rewarded, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge. The findings of the study, based on the … Continue reading

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More Food for Thought on Kids’ Eating Habits, Emotions

[Source: Science Daily] A University of Texas at Dallas psychologist has examined the preconceptions about the effects of emotions on children’s eating habits, creating the framework for future studies of how dietary patterns evolve in early childhood. Dr. Shayla C. … Continue reading

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Infants Are Able to Learn Abstract Rules Visually

Three-month-old babies cannot sit up or roll over, yet they are already capable of learning patterns from simply looking at the world around them, according to a recent study. For the first time, the researchers show that 3- and 4-month-old … Continue reading

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