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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Creating a Dysgraphia-Friendly Classroom

[Source:  Edutopia] Dysgraphia is a language-based learning difference that affects a student’s ability to produce written language. In the early grades, students with dysgraphia may have difficulty with consistent letter formation, word spacing, punctuation, and capitalization. In later grades, they … Continue reading

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How Babies’ Brains Process Touch Builds Foundations for Learning

[Source:  Science Daily] Touch is the first of the five senses to develop, yet scientists know far less about the baby’s brain response to touch than to, say, the sight of mom’s face, or the sound of her voice. Now, … Continue reading

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Bilingualism May Aid Children with Autism

[Source:  Psych Central] New research suggests being bilingual may help a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) shift task, a skill that is often difficult for kids with autism. Canadian researchers said the finding reflects emerging if debatable research that suggests … Continue reading

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10 Free Winter Olympics Brain Break Ideas

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] The Winter Olympics are quickly approaching.  It’s a great time to add more movement into the classroom with brain breaks. These quick brain breaks can be highly motivating for the class during an Olympic year. Here … Continue reading

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Preterm Babies May Suffer Setbacks in Auditory Brain Development, Speech

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Preterm babies born early in the third trimester of pregnancy are likely to experience delays in the development of the auditory cortex, a brain region essential to hearing and understanding sound, a new study reveals. Such delays … Continue reading

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