Elephants help Children with Autism in Thailand (Video!)

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[Source:  The Autism News]

Animals have been used worldwide to treat Autistic children, but this is the first time that Elephants are being part of a therapy to help children gain confidence and overcome their fear of the unknown.

This Elephant camp in Thailand provides a special program with the supervision of therapists, where children bath, feed and take care of trained Elephants.

Elephants are considered sacred animals in Thailand, they are familiar to children since birth, but this endangered species has long been exploited for tourists’ fun, but some disagree and believe that they would have disappeared long ago if tourists’ money did not pour in.
Some scientists remain skeptical about how beneficial Animal therapies are, but researchers say that they have encountered positive responses after children spent time playing, riding or simply bathing Elephants.

Watch a Video from Press TV on this Wonderful Project


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  1. Claire Rubin says:

    Coolest therapy technique ever!