Five Fun Activities for Kids using a Baster

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Editor’s Note:  Basting Practice is a great activity any time of year!!


You probably just put your turkey baster away for the season, but I thought I’d share some fun ways you can use it to do activities with your kids year-round. There’s no need to keep this nifty gadget sitting in a drawer for 364 days of the year!

  1. 1. Painting: There are so many ways to paint with turkey basters! Try painting paper with paint like in this activity by No Time for Flashcards. You can also paint paper using colored water like The Imagination Tree2. Fine Motor Practice/Water Transfer: If you want a great Montessori-inspired activity that will help improve your child’s fine motor skills, try some water transfer practice like Chasing Cheerios  This is easy to set up and a great activity to prepare for future writing!! I like how Rockabye Butterfly used colored water and muffin tins for her water transfer setup.

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