Gut Microbes Linked to Temperament Traits in Infants

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[Source: Psych Central]

A new Finnish study of 303 infants finds that the gut microbiome of a two-month-old appears to be associated with the child’s temperament traits at six months of age.

The University of Turku researchers found that different temperament traits are connected with individual microbe genera, microbial diversity and different microbe clusters. For example, greater diversity in gut bacteria was connected to lesser negative emotionality and fear reactivity.

“It was interesting that, for example, the Bifidobacterium genus including several lactic acid bacteria was associated with higher positive emotions in infants,” said doctoral candidate Anna Aatsinki from the FinnBrain research project at the University of Turku, Finland.

“Positive emotionality is the tendency to experience and express happiness and delight, and it can also be a sign of an extrovert personality later in life.”

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