Hip Dislocation and Postural Management in Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Recent research examined the effect of postural management treatment on hip displacement  in children with cerebral palsy.  The treatment group consisted of 30 children with cerebral palsy who received neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) two times per week and a 5 hour daily use of a molded seat postural program.  The control group (21 children with cerebral palsy) only received the NDT two times per week.  Both groups participated for two years.  Hip radiographs were performed to measure migration percentage (MP) at baseline, one year and two years.

The following results were reported: a significant difference was seen in the migration percentage between treatment and control groups. At 2 years, there was a marked worsening (MP from 23.0 to 37.7) in the control group, compared to the stability (from 28.8 to 26.8) in the treatment group.

The researchers concluded that conservative postural management of hip deformity is helpful to prevent the natural progression of hip dislocation.

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