On the Sweeter Side: A Perfect Illustration!

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This is wonderful!  If you ever wanted a single illustration that could show your colleagues how a child with autism might think differently about certain things – and be ‘spot on’ in his own way – this would be it!

This photo appeared on the social media site Reddit with the following title:  “2nd Graders homework. My friend’s (awesome) 6 yr old son is autistic and takes instructions literally”   It has received over 5000 “upvotes” so far.

Where is the “Love” button?




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3 Responses to On the Sweeter Side: A Perfect Illustration!

  1. gail says:

    I think he has NO PROBLEM with alphabetical order!

  2. Faith says:

    Now THAT is following directions “to the letter”!

  3. Chris B. says:

    Spot On! Hope he got extra credit for his literal interpretation of the question 🙂 (Hope the teacher learns from this one to!)