OT Corner: Fine Motor Activities to Encourage Good Pencil Grip

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[Source:  The Melissa and Doug Blog]

These play-based fine motor activities are provided for the Melissa & Doug blog by Cindy Utzinger,  pediatric Occupational Therapist.

pencil grasp

Holding a pencil correctly- why does something that looks so easy seem so hard to teach our kids?  Using a mature pencil grasp (one that involves just the thumb and index finger or thumb, index, and middle fingers on the pencil) is a hard skill for many kids to grasp (no pun intended!). About 50% of 3 years olds can use a mature pencil grip but you really want to see a mature grip begin to emerge by around 4 years old.

As an Occupational Therapist, this is something I work very hard on this with children in the clinic. I want to give you a free OT session today giving you tips on how you can work with your children at home on their pencil grip:

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