Phonemic Awareness Activity That Your Kiddos Will Love!

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Ever been at home enjoying your family and had an epiphany where you said “Wow, THAT would make a great speech-language activity??’   Well I had one yesterday that I would like to share with you.  It is a hilarious way to work on phonemic awareness, and might even get your kids to talk about speech-language class with their families at the dinner table!

My daughter Jaime came home from school yesterday, babbling on in ‘Pig Latin.’  She told me that it was her new “secret language” with her friends, and “Did I know Pig Latin?”  “Of course, I do,” I replied, “but EVERYbody knows Pig Latin.  What will really baffle everyone is Ubbi Dubbi!”

I realize I have just terribly dated myself, but I am also sure that many of you in your late fourties and fifties just got a BIG smile on your face!  Ubbi Dubbi is a nonsense ‘language’  invented by PBS’s ‘Zoom,’ – a wildly popular television program for kids during the seventies which also returned for five seasons starting in 1999.

To speak in Ubbi Dubbi  insert an ‘UBB’ before every vowel/phonememic segment.  Put the lexical stress on the “UB” sound.   For example:

  • ‘I do not like green eggs and ham’ becomes ‘Ub-I dub-oo nub-ot lub-ike grub-een ub-eggs ub-and hub-am’
  • ‘Mary had a little lamb’ becomes ‘Mub-arub-y hub-ad ub-a lub-ittle lub-amb’,
  • Happy Birthday’ becomes ‘Hub-a-pub-y Bub-irth-dub-ay”

Jaime and I had a laugh and a half saying everyone’s names in Ubbi Dubbi and even tried to speak it.   Its actually not too hard to get the hang of it with one syllable words.  Its the multiple syllable words that really tie your tongue and will get you laughing!

There is actually an ‘Ubbi Dubbi translator on the Zoom website that is great.   Enter the sentence you want to translate, then speak it!

Here is a great sketch of one of the Zoom Kids speaking Ubbi Dubbi fluently!

Fun classwork/homework assignments:  Have students translate the names of their family members and pets into Ubbi Dubbi, or translate a few sentences from books you are reading in class.   Even more fun, send your kiddos home with the assignment to teach Ubbi Dubbi to their loved ones at home!

Here is Happy Birthday Song in Ubbi Dubbi

There is even an e-How on Ubbi Dubbi!

Hub-ave fub-un!  Ub-it’s Nub-ot Hub-ard Wub-unce Yab-ou Gub-et Thub-uh Hub-ang Ub-of Ub-it!

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