PT Corner: Working With Paraprofessionals In Physical Therapy {Free Printable}

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[Source:  Accomplished Accommodations]

by Nicole Quast


Some of the most important people I work with as a physical therapist in the educational setting are the paraprofessionals.  The amount of assistance the paraprofessionals give to my students varies from student to student and classroom to classroom.  No matter what capacity I work with the paraprofessionals, I feel that it is important to make sure that they feel like they understand what I want them to carry out.  Working with paraprofessionals can be one of my favorite parts of the job!

Here are some ways that I have found helpful in working with paraprofessionals as a physical therapist in the educational setting.

Demonstration – This works in both directions.  I like to demonstrate how a transfer, positioning, strengthening activity etc should be performed.  After I have demonstrated, I like to have the paraprofessional demonstrate for me how they do it.  That way they can move through the activity and ask any questions they may have before I leave.

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