School Psych Corner: Anger Isn’t a Mental Illness. Can We Treat It Anyway?

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Editor’s Note:  Thank you to School Psyched, Your School Psychologist for sharing.

[Source: Slate]

“There is an identifiable population that is extremely dangerous, volatile, and likely to commit violent crimes, but is not diagnosable as mentally ill. The pattern we see time and again is that people who act out in violent ways are men who already have an established pattern of being threatening, cruel, and violent. They often have been perpetrators of domestic violence—indeed, felony domestic violence is the best predictor of murder. They have a chronic pattern of failure to modulate their aggressive feelings. Violent crimes are committed by violent people, almost always men who are lonely, isolated, blame others for their problems, and lack the skills to manage their anger.”

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One Response to School Psych Corner: Anger Isn’t a Mental Illness. Can We Treat It Anyway?

  1. Janyce C. Johnson says:

    This was an exceptional article that I will share with many….. for many different reasons. As an pediatric OT EI, Clinic & School Based, as a mom who continues to parent a 20 year old with emotional disturbance, mental / behavioral health challenges, as a fieldwork educator and AFWC in a career college OTA program….I encounter every nuance detailed here and struggle to consistently provide both honest and accurate feedback, to make a positive difference rather than fuel the flames of fear, blame or fake news.
    Thank you