School Psych Corner: Talking to Kids About Race and Violence in America

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[Source:  The Child Mind Institute]

by Harold, S. Koplewicz, MD


In the wake of last week’s racially charged violence, our dismay and distress have reached a fever pitch. These tragic shootings — of black men by police and policemen by a sniper — add fuel to a burning conversation in this country, and I think it’s important for all of us to take part. The conversation is about the relationship between police and black communities, about violence, racism and divisiveness.

To be honest, part of me wants to ignore it and keep my head down. Can a white child psychiatrist have a role in addressing this crisis? If I did not want to raise eyebrows or potentially offend anyone, I’d stop writing now.

But my job is to speak for children, who too often get short shrift because it is “inconvenient” to put their interests first. And here is the truth: the outbursts and the arguments, the anxiety and enmity, the killings and memorials are out there in full view of our kids — black or white, documented or undocumented, immigrants or native born.

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