School Psych Corner: We’re Getting ADHD Wrong (Especially in Boys)

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Editor’s Note:  Only one educator’s opinion, but we wanted to share it.

[Source: Education Week]

Today, more than 10 percent of all children ages 5-17 in the United States receive a diagnosis of ADHD, despite the American Psychiatric Association’s estimation that only 5 percent actually have the disorder. The disparity is even starker for boys, 14 percent of whom end up diagnosed with the disorder. My son is one of those millions of boys who have been diagnosed with this greatly overused label.

My 15-year-old son has been dubbed a “slow processor”—the kind of kid who tends to stare out the window during class as he gathers his thoughts or daydreams. His reading has hovered slightly below grade level since teachers began assessing it. His organizational habits are less than stellar: Homework assignments, school clothes, sports equipment tend to land where they fall.

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