School Psych Idea of the Week: Mood Board

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Editor’s Note:  This looks like a GREAT idea to do for school based therapy!  FYI, I left the original poster’s affiliate links in the article.

[Source:  Tinker Lab]


Are you interested in surrounding yourself with images that inspire more art-making? Could you use some ideas on how to make a mood board? Here are five tips that are sure to help inspire more creative energy.

Begin:  Start with a Board:   This could be a cork board, magnetic board, canvas frame, or a blank wall. It’s entirely up to you.

I prefer to use a magnetic board because the magnets allow me to preserve the integrity of the collected objects and treasures (no hole pins or tape tears!). I used two of the Spontan magnetic boards from IKEA (shown here). For magnets, my favorites are Mighties (Amazon) and Mighty Magnets (Container Store). Use caution with mini magnets around small children.

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