Sensory Corner: Sensory Issues and Teens – Movement

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[Source: The Inspired Treehouse]

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Does your teen constantly crave movement and appear to be “on the go?”

Or maybe he appears clumsy and is always getting hurt?

Does she avoid movement activities such as riding bikes, skateboards or rides at amusement parks?

Or does he get car sick or motion sick easily?

These are all behaviors that can be related to our vestibular and/or proprioceptive systems.

Together these two systems help lay the foundation for body awareness, position in space, and motor skills and contribute to an overall sense of organization and well-being in the world.  Check out this printable checklist to help identify possible sensory issues related to the proprioceptive and vestibular systems.

The Proprioceptive System
Proprioceptors are located in our muscles and joints and, anytime input is given to the muscles and joints, we are stimulating this system. Examples include running, jumping, lifting weights and even chewing.

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