SLP Resource of the Week: Podcast – To Tell or Not to Tell

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Editor’s Note:  Thank You to Olivia SLP for calling attention to a great resource I might have overlooked this week.

I just listened to a fantastic and very informative (weekly!) broadcast by Jennifer M Hatfield CCC-SLP.  Wow! On the topic of that very touchy subject, “to tell or not to tell”, when a family member or friend has a communication disorder and you’re wondering if you should say something.    I’ve also just found out that Jennifer has many broadcasts such as this on demand, and live!  – Olivia SLP


Description from Therapy and Learning Services:   Join Jennifer M Hatfield, MHS ccc/sp when she discusses the touchy subject of whether you offer information about services a speech language pathologist offers.

So…if you have a colleague who may not speak clearly, do you tell them that speech therapy is an option? or If your neighbor’s child is exhibiting some red flags of Autism and they don’t seem to see them…do you offer what you know?

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One Response to SLP Resource of the Week: Podcast – To Tell or Not to Tell

  1. Ooh, I can’t wait to download this one! I’ve listened to a few of Jennifer’s podcasts in the past and have always been happy that I did!