Special Education Costs Drive School Funding Disparities, Researcher Says

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[Article and Image Source: Education Week]


There’s been a lively debate recently about funding gaps inside districts between schools with low levels of state and local aid and their wealthier counterparts. But is a major factor in intradistrict inequality being overlooked by many people? If you ask Bruce Baker, a Rutgers University professor who studies school finance, the answer is yes.

First, here’s how the debate has played out in Washington: The U.S. Department of Education is expected to issue Every Student Succeeds Act regulations that will require districts’ per-pupil spending in Title I schools—those with relatively large shares of students from low-income households—to be at least equal to the average of per-pupil spending in non-Title I schools. It’s supposed to govern the requirement that federal aid supplement, and not supplant, state and local K-12 funding.

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