Speech Activity of the Week: Sticker Stop – an “Exit Slip” Strategy

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[Source:  Practically Speeching.com]

by Alexis Gaines, SLP


I give massive amounts of stickers. It’s true. I give stickers for homework, I give stickers for holidays, and I of course give stickers at the end of sessions!

A recent visit from my supervisor led me to start thinking about how I can do an “exit slip” type carryover strategy. My supervisor suggested that as I’m giving them their sticker, I ask them what they learned. I tried this for a few weeks, with much success, but I found that we needed a visual.

Enter: Sticker stop. This is placed above the sticker chart wall, with a convenient makeshift sticker holder that I crafted from an index card. The kiddos have to make it from the “red light” – the why – to the “green light” – the how – in order to get their sticker.

I gradually started this by going through it each session and prompting for the answers I wanted – “I’m working on language/my sounds/my words” and “I can use this at home when I’m reading/watching tv/with mom”.


For my kindergarteners, we go through it verbally and use the colors as our visual. They all love running to the “stop” sign for their stickers. I’ve started to integrate it with a new behavior chart for self monitoring. I printed and laminated one of these for each student and taped them where they sit. At the end they each can check off how they think they did, then mosey over to the sticker stop for their sticker. If you’re thinking this takes too long – I timed it! With my kindergarteners it took between 3 and 5 minutes. As time goes on it’s going to go quicker and quicker – repetition is key!

Download this black and white printable HERE with the included behavior chart for FREE!

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One Response to Speech Activity of the Week: Sticker Stop – an “Exit Slip” Strategy

  1. Love this idea. Here are some additional free exit and entry slips for pediatric therapy sessions to add to this idea – http://yourtherapysource.blogspot.com/2013/12/free-entry-and-exit-slips-for-pediatric.html