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School Psych Corner: Diversification of School Psychology – Developing an Evidence Base From Current Research and Practice

[Source:  PsycNet at APA.org] Why is there a need to increase the racial/ethnic diversity of faculty in school psychology? Chiefly, school psychologists serve the most racially/ethnically diverse population: children in US schools. Therefore, developing a knowledge base that is inclusive … Continue reading

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Pediatric Tx Corner: How To Teach Frustration Tolerance

[Source:  PBS Parents via School Psyched By Katie Hurley, LCSW A mother of a six-year-old boy called me in tears. After yet another meltdown in his classroom, the teacher requested a meeting with the parents. The mother assured me that … Continue reading

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Seasonal Activity of the Week: Green Eggs & Ham!

Editor’s Note!  Please enjoy this oldie but goody that we originally posted five years ago! The Easter stuff is already out, so it should be easy to find plenty of green plastic eggs for this adorable activity. We shared this … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: How I Improved My Cultural Competence as a New SLP

[Source:  The ASHA Leader Blog] I often experienced uncertainty and occasionally confusion during my first year practicing speech-language pathology. I worked in an urban area with a wide array of children, encompassing many different races, languages and cultures. I wondered about … Continue reading

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Earth Day Ideas to Encourage Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Coordination Skills

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] 1. Earth Day Crafts: Create collages out of recycled materials. The children can cut up recycled cardboard or magazines to create a collage. Perhaps think of a theme such as healthy foods or exercise. Maybe write … Continue reading

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