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Feel Good Story of the Week: 10 Year Old Ballerina with Autism and DiGeorge Syndrome Becomes a YouTube Sensation

[Source:  The Star.com] Her thin, delicate arms arced gracefully above her head, 10-year-old Clara Bergs points her ballet-slippered toes then lowers herself to one knee, grinning. She’s watching the end of a taped performance of the ballet Coppélia, and as … Continue reading

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Tell Us How You Read Us and Enter to Win a Scotch Brand Laminator!

What is a school based therapists favorite classroom tool?  His or her OWN laminator.     We have one to give away!   All we ask is for you to participate in our completely and totally non-scientific survey by answering a couple of … Continue reading

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The Marshmallow Study Revisited: Delaying Gratification Depends as Much On Nurture as On Nature

[Source:  Science Daily] For the past four decades, the “marshmallow test” has served as a classic experimental measure of children’s self-control: will a preschooler eat one of the fluffy white confections now or hold out for two later? Now a … Continue reading

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Brain Scans Predict Children’s Reading Ability

[Source:  Science Daily] If a 7-year-old is breezing through the “Harry Potter” books, studies indicate that he or she will be a strong reader later in life. Conversely, if a 7-year-old is struggling with “The Cat in the Hat,” that … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Questions about Oral Motor Input and their Answers

Editor’s Note:  The following article was written by an OTR for parents.  We thought it was an excellent piece for you to share with the parents of your kiddos as well. by:  Stephanie Erickson OTR/L, OTD   Why is my … Continue reading

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