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SLP Corner: Tips for Summer Break for Children with Selective Mutism

Reprinted with the express permission of the author. By: Gail Kervatt M. Ed. Board of Directors, SMG~CAN, author of The Silence Within, A Teacher/Parent Guide to Helping Selectively Mute and Shy Children and Selective-Mutism.com Summer break conjures up thoughts of … Continue reading

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Principal Goes Extra Mile For Student With Special Needs

[Source: Chicago Tribune] Thursday was the last day of school at Beye Elementary, and 6-year-old Matias Best didn’t want to go. Matias is on the autism spectrum, and transitions can be a challenge. Transitioning from the school year to summer … Continue reading

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Human Brains Have Evolved to ‘Prefer’ Music and Speech

[Source:  Medical News Today] What makes humans so different from other primates? Though our brains are similar, it seems that they react differently to various stimuli. New evidence suggests that human brains “listen” for musical pitch, a preference that scientists … Continue reading

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Movie Starring Actor With Down Syndrome Coming To Theaters

[Source:  Disability Scoop] A feature film headed to theaters later this summer stars an actor with Down syndrome alongside a pair of Hollywood A-listers and it’s backed by some big names in the disability community. “The Peanut Butter Falcon” features … Continue reading

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Autism Tied to Less Empathy – And That May Be OK

[Source: Psych Central] New research shows that people with autistic traits show less empathy and reduced understanding of other people’s feelings. While autism is often associated with social difficulties, there has been debate in recent years about whether those in the autistic … Continue reading

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