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Video Story of the Week: Therapy Dogs Helping Kids Read

[Source: ABC News] Bailey Benson turned 10 today, but she’s already reading like a high school student thanks to her terrier tutor, Guthrie. It’s been a year and a half since Benson and her parents visited an animal shelter in … Continue reading

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Operation Of Gene Variant Linked To ADHD Shown By Scientists

[Source: Medical News Today] A multinational collaboration between researchers from Spain, Mexico and Argentina revealed, that mice could provide an insight into how specific receptor subtypes in the brain could be responsible in increasing a person’s risk for attention-deficit hyperactivity … Continue reading

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Fantastic Collection of Articulation Worksheets from Mommy Speech Therapy

Wow! Special Thanks to Heidi Hanks, M.S. CCC-SLP of Mommy Speech Therapy for letting us share with you her wonderful (and very large) set of Articulation Worksheets and Data Collection Forms. She has sheets for over 20 sounds for initial, … Continue reading

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Study: Speaking and Understanding Speech Share the Same Parts of the Brain

[Source: ScienceDaily.com] The brain has two big tasks related to speech: making it and understanding it. Psychologists and others who study the brain have debated whether these are really two separate tasks or whether they both use the same regions … Continue reading

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Inflexibilty May Give Pupils With Autism Problems In Multitasking

[Source: Medical News Today] Young people with autism may find it difficult to multitask because they stick rigidly to tasks in the order they are given to them, according to research led by an academic at the University of Strathclyde. … Continue reading

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