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Altered Brain Activity in Antisocial Teenagers

[Source: Science Daily] Teenage girls with problematic social behavior display reduced brain activity and weaker connectivity between the brain regions implicated in emotion regulation. The findings now offer a neurobiological explanation for the difficulties some girls have in controlling their … Continue reading

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Motor Planning, Autism and Catching Skills

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Methodology of the Study on Motor Planning and Autism The researchers compared 15 children with ASD and 15 age- and gender-matched typically developing children to determine the sensorimotor control of arm movements and postural adjustments during … Continue reading

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DS Corner: Visual Supports for Children with Down Syndrome

All material Copyright © March 2009 The Down Syndrome Centre Reprinted with the express permission of the Down Syndrome Centre as originally published on their website. By: Marinet vanVuren Marinet vanVuren is a South African born Speech and Language Therapist. … Continue reading

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Developmental Disorders: Discovery of New Mutations

[Source: Science Daily] Developmental disorders are neurologically-based conditions that affect the acquisition of specific skills such as attention, memory, language and social interaction. Although they have a genetic cause, this is often difficult to detect through standard genetic analysis of … Continue reading

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Kohls Introduces ‘Adaptive’ Clothing Styles For Kids With Disabilities

[Source:  Baby Gaga] Kohl’s is making it easier for families from all walks of life to find exactly what they need at their stores. That’s because the company’s new adaptive apparel line is looking to help the differently-abled community to shop for … Continue reading

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