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OT Corner: Pencil Grip 101

[Source: The Anonymous OT] Suppose you have a child that can’t hold a pencil correctly… what do you do? I still see way too many people slapping a grip on a pencil and declaring, “Job done!” Yikes. There is actually much … Continue reading

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Drone Technology To Track Wanderers With Autism

[Source:  Disability Scoop] Alzheimer’s disease and autism will face a formidable foe in Orange County: A drone that will track people with the conditions down if they wander away from home or a facility. A pilot program announced this month … Continue reading

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Studies: In-class Physical Exercise Won’t Disrupt Learning, Teaching

[Source: Science Daily] As childhood obesity rates rise and physical education offerings dwindle, elementary schools keep searching for ways to incorporate the federally mandated half-hour of physical activity into the school day. A series of recent University of Michigan studies … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Upper Extremity Activities for Toddlers

[Source:   The OT Toolbox] Upper extremity hand strength isn’t just about strong hands! Kids need upper extremity strength for tasks such as handwriting, coloring, managing clothing fasteners, and more! The thing is, upper extremity strengthening begins at a very young … Continue reading

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Hot, New Job: Pediatric Physical Therapist – Knoxville, TN

Call Today at 866-733-4278, text us at 662-524-9099, or   Click HERE to Apply This Tennessee-based private practice is hiring now a Pediatric Physical Therapist to serve clients in their Knoxville area clinics. *  Therapist-owned pediatric outpatient clinic serving babies on … Continue reading

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