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A Tilt of the Head Helps With Social Engagement

[Source:  Psych Central] When we look at another person’s face, we take in a flood of information — age, gender, race, expression, even their mood. Understanding how facial recognition works has great value, particularly for those whose brains process information … Continue reading

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Girls on the Spectrum Often Go Unnoticed

[Source: Philadelphia Inquirer] Bright, even charming, she nonetheless never felt comfortable in groups or making small talk. A hard worker, she had a tough time finding or keeping a steady job. Could it have been her unvarying wardrobe, her lack of … Continue reading

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New Group to Focus on Severe Autism

[Source:  Disability Scoop] Amid a bevy of existing autism organizations, a new national nonprofit is hoping to stand out by giving voice to the particular needs of people on the severe end of the spectrum. The National Council on Severe … Continue reading

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Fine Motor Beaded Snowflakes

[Source:  No Time for Flashcards] I teach at a church preschool where all the children celebrate Christmas, needless to say; we do a lot of Christmas themed activities in the last month of the year. However, this is really the … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Play with Mini Erasers in Therapy

[Source:  Your Therapy Source] Have you seen all the adorable mini erasers at the Target dollar spot?  They are also frequently at party stores and other dollar stores, too. They are festive, fun and cheap.  Big bonus – they are … Continue reading

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