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Technology for Tots in the News: Touch-Screen Devices And Very Young Children

Editor’s Note:  This fascinating podcast aired this week on the Diane Rehm show.   Although the discussion mostly centers on neuro-typical children, the last fifteen minutes talks about how the real promise of these devices may just be for our special … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Five Rules for Helping Kids with Sensory Processing Issues

by: Nancy Peske Two-year-old Manuel is supposed to begin his home-based session with a speech-language pathologist who has just entered his family’s home. Manuel is so excited that he greets her by running at her and head butting her thighs. … Continue reading

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OT Corner: The Role of Parents in Occupational Therapy Intervention

Image Credit:  All For Kids, Pediatric Therapy Krystal Vermeire, OTR/L Occupational therapy has been around for nearly a century.  The profession has grown into a diverse field that continues to be ever shifting in its definition and scope of practice.  … Continue reading

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Physical Therapy – A Quick Fix For Sacroiliac Joint Pain In Many Children And Adolescents

[Source:  Medical News Today] Investigators report that a simple bedside manual therapy to correct a painful misaligned sacroiliac joint was highly successful in a group of 45 patients 10 to 20 years of age. Thirty-six patients (80 percent) obtained significant … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: 10 Signs in the Classroom Suggesting a Student May Benefit from Occupational Therapy

[Source:  North Shore Pediatric Therapy] A teacher’s job can become very hectic when trying to help each child with their own specific challenges. An occupational therapist (OT) can be an excellent resource and adjunct to helping students overcome challenges and … Continue reading

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