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The Importance Of Early Autism Detection

[Source] ASHA Podcasts ASHA fellow and speech-language pathologist, Amy Wetherby, discusses how early diagnosis and intervention can make a dramatic difference in treating children with autism. Dr. Wetherby is the Laurel Schendel Professor in the Department of Communication Disorders at … Continue reading

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More Bullying Resources in the News

[Source: CNN.com] Editor’s Note: We realize that we already featured a list of Bullying Resources in a recent issue. However, CNN has recently completed a big campaign in conjunction with “Stop Bullying Now,” so we thought we would also bring … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Case Presentation – The Beauty of Imitation and an Update

Editor’s Note: Shareka just posted an update to this case study.    You can find the link to the second blog post about “Josh” below By: Shareka Bentham, SLT copyright 2010. Shareka Bentham, SLT This blog post has been reprinted with … Continue reading

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Feel Good Story of the Week: Children with Autism Practice Traveling on Mock Flights

[Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post] At 8 p.m. Saturday, Southwest Airlines Flight 2149 was poised to push back from the gate. Flight attendants gave fasten-seat-belt instructions, and First Officer Peter Hayes announced, “There’s 25 minutes of flight time … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: A Myriad of Materials

By: Heather Greenwood copyright 2010, ITeach2Talk. Reprinted with the permission of the author as appeared on her blog site As any speech-language pathologist and SLP student knows, materials that we use for therapy can be quite costly. During my online … Continue reading

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