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SLP Corner: Can Everybody Be Bilingual?

  By: Lucy Windevoxhel, M.S., CCC-SLP Can everybody be bilingual? Lately a new article researching bilingualism pops up almost every single week. It seems that there is a growing awareness of the importance and advantages of being bilingual for the … Continue reading

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Researchers Develop New Tool To Distinguish Typical “Temper Tantrums” From More Concerning Misbehavior

[Source:  Science Daily] Temper tantrums in young children can be an early signal of mental health problems, but how does a parent or pediatrician know when disruptive behavior is typical or a sign of a serious problem? New Northwestern Medicine … Continue reading

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Focus on Bilingualism: What is Clinical Cultural Competence?

By:  Alejandro E. Brice, Ph.D.,CCC-SLP, Ellen Kester, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, and Roanne Brice, Ph.D., CCC-SLP   Previous Viewpoint The idea for this column comes to me via the courtesy of the ASHA Multicultural Issues Board.  I am the Chair of this … Continue reading

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Therapy Resource of the Week: My AutismTeam

I got approached this week by a gentleman running a very interesting resource.  MyAutismTeam is a free social networking site for parents of kids with autism.  Based on our review, the site definitely looks like something to share with the … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: Good Article to Share from New York Times

[Source:  New York Times, Well Column] Parents who want to stimulate their children’s brain development often focus on things like early reading, flashcards and language tapes. But a growing body of research suggests that playing certain kinds of childhood games … Continue reading

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