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New Grads Please Apply! Pediatric OT – Arkadelphia, AR

  Why live in a congested metropolitan setting when you can live in a smaller college town where you have space to roam, clean air, great neighbors, and enjoy the life in the suburbs! If you like an easy commute … Continue reading

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Game Recommendation: Yeti in My Spaghetti – A Fun Speech Therapy Game

[Source: Scanlon Speech Therapy] As a speech language pathologist (SLP) who “plays” throughout the day,  I’ve amassed a cornucopia of toys and games to foster the development of various speech, language, and social communication skills. One game I recently discovered … Continue reading

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Hot Job! School Speech-Language Pathologist – Coastal, OR

We have an outstanding full-time contract available for a Speech-Language Pathologist to work with students in grades K-12. * Located near Rockaway Beach on the beautiful Oregon coast * Caseload is about 50 students * You’ll be part of a … Continue reading

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First Language Wires Brain for Later Language-Learning

[Source:  Medical News Today] Research also demonstrates brain’s plasticity and ability to adapt to new language environments. You may believe that you have forgotten the Chinese you spoke as a child, but your brain hasn’t. Moreover, that “forgotten” first language may well influence … Continue reading

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Special Ed Corner: A Fun Way to Help Special Needs Students Feel Valued By School Community

[Source:  Mind Shift] Schools are filled with all kinds of diverse learners, including some students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that give them access to extra learning resources. Support for students with special learning needs varies. Many learners with IEPs … Continue reading

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