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OT Corner: 4 Quirky Kid Behaviors That Actually Have Purpose

Editor’s Note:   Congratulations to friend of PediaStaff, Lindsey Biel, who is featured in a Parents Magazine Article this month: [Source:  Parents Magazine] “My 6-year-old is a squeezer,” says Amanda Ponzar, of Alexandria, Virginia. “He used to squeeze the flabby underarm … Continue reading

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Bilingual Corner: Can a Speech Impairment Occur in only 1 Language of a Bilingual?

[Source:  Bilinguistics] Can a child demonstrate a speech impairment in one language but not the other? My immediate response to this is, “No.” That said, let me tell you about a student I tested last week. Meet Miguel. Miguel is … Continue reading

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Pinterest Pin of the Week: Autumn Inferencing

[Primary Inspiration via Pinterest] Here’s a seasonal freebie for you that will have your K-2 students determining key details in 24 riddles, applying their prior knowledge, and inferring the answers. These riddles are a form of informational text, featuring autumn social … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: How Can Schools Help Kids With Anxiety?

[Source: MindShift] I met Brianna Sedillo when she pitched my radio station a personal perspective on anxiety, a topic that comes up over and over as teachers and parents try to support young people. “Everything kind of started with the anxiety … Continue reading

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Free Back to School Tracing Packet

[Source:  Artfully Occupied] The start of the school year is just on the horizon for many of us parents, teachers, therapists, and children.  Summer break is full of activities that promote gross motor, sensory, fine motor, and other developmental skills. … Continue reading

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