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Hot, New Job! Pediatric Outpatient Physical Therapist – PT – Huntsville, TX

Call Today at 866-733-4278, text us at 662-524-9099, or   Click HERE to Apply We are working with a client near the Huntsville area who is need of a Physical Therapist to join their team on a full time basis. *  The … Continue reading

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Cerebral Palsy: Study of Baby Steps Could Lead to Better Treatments

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Understanding the progression from the stepping reflex to independent walking could help find new therapies for children with cerebral palsy (CP) – a movement disability caused by brain damage before, during or shortly after birth. A baby’s … Continue reading

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New Treatment Guidelines Issued for Pediatric TBI

[Source: Science Daily] Each year in the United States, more than 600,000 children are seen in emergency rooms due to traumatic brain injury, a disruption to the normal function of the brain caused by a bump, blow or jolt to … Continue reading

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Young People at Risk of Addiction Have Differences in Key Brain Region

[Source: Science Daily] The study adds further evidence to support the idea that an individual’s biological makeup plays a significant role in whether or not they develop an addictive disorder. Adolescence and young adulthood is an important time in a … Continue reading

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How Do We Follow the Rhythm of Language

[Source:  Medical X-Press] How is our speech shaped by what we hear? The answer varies, depending on the make-up of our brain’s pathways, a team of neuroscientists has found. The research, which maps how we synchronize our words with the … Continue reading

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