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AAC Corner: (Video) AAC for Students Who Can Speak

[Source:   PrAACtically AAC] We often get this question from our fellow SLPs, particularly those who work with students who have autism. From the question alone, it seems like AAC is not needed, and would be a step backward for … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: Encouraging an Unmotivated Child to Use His AAC

[Source:  Speech and Language Kids] In this video, speech-language pathologist Carrie Clark will show you how to encourage an unmotivated child to use his AAC device or system. Watch This Video on Speech and Language Kids  

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SLP Corner: Building an AAC Book Lending Library

[Source:  Speech Room News] This fall, I started created some Core Adapted Books for my AAC users. It inspired me to build an AAC Book Lending Library for my school.  I have always used books to target core vocabulary but … Continue reading

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AAC Corner: 5 Ways to Promote Generalization of AAC Use

[Source: PrAACtical AAC] Do you work with AAC learners who demonstrate their communication skills in therapy or instructional lessons, but not elsewhere? In this post, we review some things we can do to make it easier for AAC learners to … Continue reading

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AAC Corner: Aided Language Input for People with Developmental Disabilities

[Source: PrAACtical AAC] We’re pleased to welcome back Dr. Kathy Howery for another analysis of an AAC research article. Kathy is based in Alberta, Canada, and has worked in the field of AT and special education for over three decades. In the past … Continue reading

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