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Socially Isolated Kids in COVID-19 Lockdown May Be at Greater Risk for Depression

[Source:  Psych Central] A new U.K. study suggests that lonely and socially isolated children are likely to experience high rates of depression and anxiety long after the current lockdown is over and that clinicians need to be prepared for a future spike in demand. … Continue reading

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OT Corner: Teaching Mindfulness to Children

[Source: Your Therapy Source] if you have not yet instituted regular rituals with your children that develop mindfulness, it’s time. The research from neuroscience, education, child development, and positive psychology all agree. Practices that cultivate self-awareness and the ability to self-care, … Continue reading

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These Calm-Down Jars Will Blow Your Kiddos’ Minds

[Source:  We Are Teachers] This is what many people think when they first see this calm-down jar. With just one shake, the two colors mix, creating a new color. Then little by little, the colors separate, and the liquids return … Continue reading

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School Psych Corner: Are ‘Kids These Days’ Really Allowed to Make Mistakes?

[Source: Education Week] by Jon Harper I don’t blame the architect because I can’t imagine it was part of their training. Nor was it the fault of the construction crew. They were simply following the plans given. The only folks … Continue reading

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Hypothalamus Pathway Drives Defense Behaviors

[Source:  Medical X-Press] Scientists have identified a previously unknown pathway connecting the hypothalamus and midbrain that drives defensive behaviors, according to research in mice published in eNeuro. Further research on this pathway could increase understanding of anxiety disorders. The paraventricular … Continue reading

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