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PT Corner: Weight Shifting and Trunk Elongation

[Source:  Starfish Therapies] We have been working on walking with some kids that are working on improving their weight shifting and all the mechanics that go with that. Many of them have hip weakness which we are addressing but we … Continue reading

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OT Corner: 6 Ways Core Strength Impacts Handwriting

[Source:  The OT Toolbox.com] When a child sits down to write at a desk, it can be easy for everything to go awry and messy, illegible handwriting to result.  It might be poor carryover of handwriting skills, difficulty with letter … Continue reading

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Autism Corner: Brighter Futures for Children with Autism in Conflict-Affected Communities

[Source:  A Global Voice for Autism] by:  Melissa Diamond Photo:  Haya practices food flashcards with her mother in A Global Voice for Autism’s Mersin program. Haya loves working on flashcards and often carries them around and hands them to whoever she … Continue reading

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SLP Corner: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Vocabulary Instruction

[Source:  The ASHA Leader Blog] As a speech-language pathologist working to close the achievement gap in a charter school system, I’m always looking for the latest evidence-based practice recommendations for vocabulary instruction. Vocabulary skills contribute to word reading, writing, listening … Continue reading

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Pediatric Therapy Corner: The Vestibular System

[Source: The Inspired Treehouse] We’re happy to be partnering up with Dayna at Lemon Lime Adventures for the second post in our series together on  sensory processing.  Today’s post is all about the vestibular system – what is it, why is it … Continue reading

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