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School Psych Corner: A Short Primer on Resilience

Editor’s Note:  Thank You, School Psyched, Your School Psychologist for sharing! [Source: Harvard Graduate School School of Education] Children who thrive despite hardship usually have both a biological resistance to adversity and strong relationships with at least one adult in their family … Continue reading

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Dyslexia Corner: Why Getting Help for Kids with Dyslexia is Difficult

[Source:  MindShift] Dayne Guest graduated from high school in 2016. He had been working construction but quit, knowing that wasn’t what he wanted do with his life. Today Guest’s options are limited because he struggles to read. When he opens … Continue reading

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His Turn: Boy’s Touching Video About His Autism Goes Viral

[Source:  Autism Speaks] George Yionoulis had the idea to made a video to help his fourth-grade class better understand his autism. In it he shares his experience with autism and talks about certain behaviors he may exhibit in school and … Continue reading

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Special Ed Parent’s Corner: The School Holiday Party That Helped Me See Beyond My Son’s Reading Progress

[Source: Understood.org] After my son was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia in first grade, my early conversations with his teachers and IEP team were all about the “big stuff.” Evaluation results. Individualized reading instruction. Accommodations. We talked about all the ways to help him catch up, and … Continue reading

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School Nurse Corner: The Role of School Nurses in Integrated Pest Management for Public Health

[Source:  Entomology Today] By Meredith Swett Walker School nurses do more than just apply bandages to scraped knees and administer asthma inhalers. They are also health educators, they help control communicable diseases, and they even do some pest management. In … Continue reading

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